Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A lamb is born

On Friday, as I was getting ready for our big trip to Missouri, I realized why we never know when the ewes are lambing. They are quiet!

I noticed Minerva laying alone under a tree. She would stretch her neck up to the sky, then stand up, walk in a circle, lay down, and start over again. Looked a lot like a goat in labor, I thought to myself. I continued doing chores and keeping an eye on her from a distance. If I would get too close, it seemed like her labor would stop. She would just stare at me. Obviously, I decided I should keep my distance. After about half an hour, I came into the house and grabbed my camera. I had hoped to get the video camera, but I couldn't find it. I only had time to watch the first lamb be born, but I was impressed at how easy Minerva made it look. Then I had to get back to chores. Later I noticed a second lamb.

They did give me a scare this morning when I couldn't find them. Sovalye had been barking a lot last night, so I was starting to worry that a coyote had somehow grabbed them. I was so relieved when I found them sleeping next to a log. Now, at five days of age, they're usually bouncing around the pasture like the older lambs. And they've been joined by White Feather's black, ewe-ram twins. We're up to 11 lambs now.

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