Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Waiting for Charlotte

Last night, I slept in the barn with the goats. I was in the office, but it wasn't that comfortable. When it's getting close to 0 degrees F, that little heater doesn't do a great job of warming up the office. Then, I realized that Bogie is obviously reaching sexual maturity, because he kept trying to mate Sam, which she did not appreciate at all. Since they were strays, I don't really know how old they are, but it looks like it's time to get them fixed before she comes into heat.

Yesterday morning, Margaret thought Charlotte's ligaments were gone on one side. Katherine agreed, and she went out there frequently during the day while I was teaching. I arrived home last night and decided to stay out there since it was supposed to be 5 degrees F, and Charlotte is now at day 149. Nigerians don't usually go past 151 days, so she has to be getting close.

Charlotte is also Sherri's daughter, and like Sherri and her other daughters, Charlotte's labor last year was quick and quiet up until she was about to actually give birth. We got lucky last year, although it was June, so the baby probably would have been okay if we hadn't been there. A couple was here buying goats, and as I was leaving the barn to send them on their way home, I heard Charlotte scream. As soon as they were gone, I got Katherine, and Charlotte kidded within 10 minutes after we got there. So, you can see why I don't want to leave her alone for very long.

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