Saturday, October 4, 2008

Goats at work

Another one of those goat business has started in North Carolina. They go around and clear brush for people. For more info on the business, you can check out their website or this article. Since goats are browsers -- not grazers -- they love eating young tree saplings, vines, and other woody plants that grazers will not eat.

In another North Carolina newspaper, a guy got busted for borrowing goats to clear brush in his backyard. The goats were fenced in, quietly munching away on poison ivy and other unwanted vegetation. As the property owner said,

"They're solar-powered lawnmowers. . . . They turn poison ivy and wisteria into fertilizer, and I don't have to use pesticides or petrochemicals. And the neighbors love them."

What's wrong with this picture? Now that the city has evicted the goats, he is heading out to buy toxic chemicals to get rid of the overgrown plants.

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