Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Garden update

Our garden is still producing tomatoes, peppers, and celery, and this afternoon I discovered some volunteer mustard greens and collard greens. The fall lettuce and spinach never got planted, so I'm excited to find the greens. I am still planning to put together a cold frame using straw bales and an old sliding glass door, so we can have green onions, lettuce, and spinach over the winter. Now I want to put the cold frame where the greens have started growing, so we'll also be able to harvest them for a few more months.

I picked the last five pears today. I'm still not sure how to figure out when they're ripe. They're all hard as a rock. The last ones we picked, we used to make a pear-apple crisp. It was delicious. The granny smith apple tree is still full of apples, so apple crisp will be the dessert du jour for awhile.

1 comment:

Gizmo said...

I'm so jealous! If you still have apples, you should try caramel apple jam. It's heavenly. What about pear sauce?? I'm sure you've already put up a TON of that too.


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