Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The mystery of the blood on the patio

Last night, Margaret came in and asked why there was blood on the patio. Blood? We went outside and saw a dozen or more spots of blood, some as big as a quarter. It was bright red, still wet. There was no bloody trail to see where the animal had come or gone. At this point, I should note that the "patio" is the concrete slab in front of our house that used to be under the mobile home, so it's 28 X 70 feet, and the blood was in the middle. I was immediately worried about our cats. We've been hearing coyotes a lot for the past few nights, but two of our three cats were found within minutes. The third one showed up on the back porch this morning. All ducks and geese are here. Everything else was locked up last night.

If a coyote or coon grabbed something right there, I doubt it would have started to eat it less than 20 feet from our front door, and if a coyote carried it off, wouldn't there be a trail of blood going somewhere? At this point my best guess is that Sneakers the barn cat killed and ate something there. In addition to killing mice and voles, he has also killed squirrels in the past.

Now it's time for me to get out in the garden and thin lettuce. It's really one of my favorite things to do in the garden because it means salad made from baby lettuces!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh good, YOU can help me out! We have leaf lettuce planted in our garden for the first time, and while we've picked some leaves here and there, I haven't actually "harvested" enough for say, a salad. How do you harvest leaf lettuce in order to get goods for a salad and still leave a healthy plant that can keep on producing? Inside leaves? outside leaves?

Deborah said...

It can vary a bit from one variety of lettuce to another, but you are usually safe to snip off the outer leaves (the big ones) and leave the smaller inside leaves. Then one day those little leaves will grow up and be big enough to become salad too! Enjoy!


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