Saturday, April 26, 2008

Waiting for Coco

When I was in college, I read "Waiting for Godot." I was an English major, and I don't remember who Godot was or why anyone was waiting for him (or her). But now I'm waiting for Coco, the goat whose due date for kidding was Tuesday. I do think she's going to kid soon. Of course, she has to kid soon. She can't be pregnant forever. Maybe I could write a story called, "Waiting for Kids."

Today's picture is one of the babies that was born five weeks ago. Her name is Maly's Streetcar Named Desire. We're calling her Desire. Today she had the honor of being fed her bottle by visitors from Denmark! I can say without a doubt that visiting our farm was the highlight of the trip for the 10-year-old daughter who wanted to take a goat home with her. When someone said that she couldn't take it on the plane, I did not mention that goats can be shipped via plane just like dogs. I imagine her mom appreciated my silence on the subject.

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