Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Turkeys and goats and gardening

The babies just keep coming -- 29 so far! We now have two babies in the house: the one surviving kid from Beauty and a kid from Anne that didn't want to do anything other than sleep when she was born a week ago. Katherine tried to get her to nurse for two hours, and she would have nothing to do with it. It was as if she was saying, "Just let me sleep." So Katherine finally gave up, brought her in the house, and gave her some of her mommy's colostrum in a bottle. A couple hours after getting the colostrum -- liquid gold -- in her tummy, she woke up and was ready to party.

Now we're waiting for Coco to freshen, and she'll be the last one until the end of May or first of June when we have five more due! But don't think that we're getting a break. With the warm weather, it means that it's time to work in the garden. And Thursday, we're expecting turkey poults!

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