Saturday, April 12, 2008

More kids

We've had three does kid in the last 24 hours -- triplets, twins, and a single. Some are boring, like solid black or white, but here's my favorite, at least in the color department. It's out of my master champion Carmen, whose babies are always wonderful in every way. Two of her daughters already earned the junior leg of their permanent championship. I hope this little girl follows in her big sisters' hoof prints! They don't give any points for color, but it's a nice bonus. She's not even a day old in this photo -- and, oh, she has blue eyes.


Seldom Seen Acres said...

Wow... six babies in 24 hours! That is quite a population explosion. Isn't it always exciting to see what colors you get? I think that is why I always like the apline breed.. I never knew what color combos I was going to end up with.

Nancy K. said...

I just caught up with your blog ~ haven't been by for a while. I am SO sorry for all the difficult times you've had of late. Especially the loss of your beautiful Abby!

Your newest little kid is adorable. That's got to help a wounded heart ~ at least a little.

Anonymous said...

What a fascinating microcosm that you have. You fight for every life you can in your world, even for the weak ... even when more "professional" people in the field would do otherwise. You ease the pain of the suffering, instead of drawing it out (I am sorry for your loss of Addy). You view death as a necessity for some, but you pick and choose who and when (if I remember reading correctly, didn't you have some roosters or turkeys that were butchered becasue they were misbehaving?). Some of your farm animals even get elevated to "pet" status (I am sure that there are many MANY farmers out there who would disagree with this philosphy). There are so many corralations between your tiny little world and what we call "The Real World." I am reminded of how it had to be pointed out to Hermen Melville that his book "Moby Dick" was an anology between the interactions between Man and God ... I am certain a lot of people could learn from your tiny little universe ... although I am certain that many would disagree ... but none the less, it is still interesting to peek into your little world and see what is happening there.

Good luck with all of the kids!


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