Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moving day for piglets

The weather is climbing well above freezing each day, so I decided yesterday that it was time to move the piglets outdoors. They are also eating a bit less frequently, so Katherine will only have to go out there about every three to four hours now. They were initially eating every hour or two the first week.

We put them in a 10X10 stall in the barn, and they seem to be having the time of their lives. They were running around like crazy yesterday when we first moved them. There is plenty of straw in there, so they can root and burrow themselves into it when they want. This morning Katherine found them buried in the straw under the heat lamp. Only their little butts were sticking out of the straw. Of course, they immediately popped up when they heard her open the stall door.

As for names, a friend had emailed me Pink Chop for the girl. Since we were already calling the boy Pork Chop, that sounded cute. We're calling them Pinkie and Porky for short. Last Sunday, Katherine took them to Sunday school with her. She's an assistant teacher for the early elementary kids, and she usually takes some type of animal with her every Sunday. The parents say that their kids are in more of a rush to leave for church than ever before, so no one is complaining, but I thought she was really pushing it by taking pigs. They were a huge hit though, and everyone wants her to bring them again sometime.

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Nancy K. said...

What a busy, BUSY place you have! The baby pigs are adorable; as are the baby goats.

And you actually COOK?????



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