Saturday, June 2, 2007

Wisconsin goat show

We went to a goat show in Wisconsin today. We were hoping Carmen would win, because she already has two legs in AGS (a goat registry -- like AKC is a registry for dogs), so a third win would make her a master champion, and since she already has her advanced registry milk star, she would be an ARMCH. There are not a lot of ARMCHs in the goat world. Although she did win "best udder," she did not win grand champion. That honor went to Caboose, a goat owned by Margaret. Caboose now has two legs, so she also needs only one win to finish her permanent championship. This picture is of Carmen, because she was in the best mood for pictures. Caboose, however, was in the best mood for prancing around the ring looking like a champion!

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hi Deborah -- beautiful goat! I still sometimes miss having a goat, though I really enjoy my sheep (and DEARLY love my Valentine :-).

You asked about the sheep coats on my blog. So far I am very happy with them! The fleeces under them are SOOO wonderfully clean, and they haven't been that much work. I've changed everyone's coats once since shearing on March 22, and need to check them again, as well as trimming hooves on three of the four. Mine aren't that difficult to catch, because I put them in every night -- and the coats actually make it much easier to do so. We'll see how I feel after a year of using them, but I anticipate being a confirmed "sheep suiter"!


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