Sunday, June 10, 2007

Geese take on the world!

Did anyone out there in the blogosphere know that geese love tree bark -- especially the tree bark of newly planted fruit trees? [cue primal scream] Yes, the geese are chewing the bark off the fruit trees we recently planted. The little stinkers also ripped up my watermelon seedings through the floating row covers that I put over them to protect them from the insects (which I thought would be their only predators). The only goose (female) of the five (yes, four are ganders) laid another seven eggs and is now setting again. I was happy about this a week ago, but now I am wondering why I want more geese!


Diana said...

Do they taste yummy?

Deborah said...

The one we had for Christmas was delicious, but these are a year old, so I'm afraid they might be kind of tough if they're roasted. Anyone ever heard of goose soup? or goose and dumplings?


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