Friday, March 9, 2007

Spring fever

Today I find myself wondering about the history of "spring fever." I think I might have it. I woke up with a headache today, which continued to plague me through the morning and into the afternoon. Finally, I felt like I just needed to get out! Around 3:00, I went outside, and I don't recall a single twinge of pain after taking my first deep breath of wonderful spring air.

I walked over about a fourth of our 32 acres. I visited the peach trees and started to pull back the straw from their bases, but then I decided I could come back later with a pitchfork to do it. The garden was calling my name. I looked at all the dead plants that needed to be pulled out, but before I let myself start working on that, I decided to check out the east pasture. I planned to come back and work on those peach trees and the garden after visiting the pasture and the creek. Although the ground was muddy, I loved walking through the trees and seeing the gigantic slabs of ice that had washed up on shore. In our five years here, I've never seen that before. I need to get out there and take a picture of it. Who knows when I'll see it again.

As I headed back towards the garden, it started to rain. It had threatened earlier, but I didn't take it seriously because it wasn't very cloudy. This time, however, the sky was dark, so I hurried back to the house. After being inside for a few minutes, I noticed my dreadful headache again, and I started to wonder about the origins of spring fever. It seems the best cure for this headache is fresh air and exercise. I'm hoping to get more of both tomorrow -- as long as the weather cooperates.

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