Saturday, February 24, 2007

More potting

Just finished putting more seeds in little pots. I planted 10 pots of early Jersey wakefield cabbage. Unlike the round cabbage you find in the supermarket, this type has an elongated shape to it. The picture looks like a very large candle flame. I think that will make it easier to shred for coleslaw. It's kind of funny how most of the vegetables in the supermarket are round, even though there are lots of vegetable varieties that are not round -- like the sausage tomatoes, which I love! There are also several icicle-shaped radishes, which are especially nice for shredding onto salad. Try doing that with a little round radish.

I also started nine pots of pimento seeds, three pots of Serrano peppers, and three pots of ancho san luis peppers, which are a hot variety that is supposedly used for stuffing. I've never grown the latter before, but it sounds delicious! I use the Serrano peppers for a hot sauce similar to one that I grew up eating in southern Texas.

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