Friday, February 23, 2007

First sprout!

Ten days already? This morning I was complaining in my head that there was something wrong with my planting methods or my soil or my watering methods or ... something! None of my 32 pots of tomato seeds was doing anything. I'd been watering from below (pouring water into the pan where the pots sit, so as not to disturb the seeds by watering on top of the soil), but out of desperation, I poured water ever-so-gently on top of the soil around noon today. Now, only three hours later, I happened to walk past the pots and noticed a tiny sprout emerging from the soil. Woo hoo! Of course, now the mother in me worries that I disturbed the other little seedlings by watering on top of the soil today. Yeah, I'm a little giddy about my little sprout. Interestingly enough, the tomato is First Pick, which I have grown before, and I don't recall being impressed by its punctuality.

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