Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lizzie's baby girls

Sorry this is so late. These are Lizzie's babies. They were born a couple days after Christmas. This picture was taken last month when they were about a month old. Most people say that goats will be wild if they are dam raised (raised by mama instead of being bottle-fed by humans), but this line shows the importance of good genetics to personality. We have never had an unfriendly goat come out of Dancy's line, and Dancy is the great grandmother of these little girls! These two are more in-your-face annoying than the bottle babies out there. They are always jumping on us, wanting to be held and petted. We can't decide which one to keep, but we really should sell at least one of them.

Their names are Joy and Hope, named in honor of the Christmas season. Joy was such a happy little kid that the name seemed obvious, and Hope was the tiniest baby we've ever had born here. I really had my doubts that she'd survive, although she seemed healthy, so we were hoping she'd make it. After she was a few days old, Hope seemed like the perfect name for her.

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