Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pig time again

About a month ago, we picked up four piglets to raise for meat. We've raised two pigs per year for the past two years, and two people have already said they want a whole hog for next spring, so we decided to buy four piglets this year. The pig farmer didn't have four boys, so we wound up with a girl in the mix. We've always raised the castrated boys (barrows) in the past, so as soon as he said that we'd have to take a girl (gilt) if we wanted four, I started thinking about keeping her and starting to breed our own pigs. The pigs have settled in nicely, and the gilt is the one laying down closest to the fence. You can see that they had grass when they moved in, but these pigs love to root! I'd really like to get them into the garden. I've heard that pigs in the garden over the winter are great -- they're little rototillers and fertilizer machines!

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Anonymous said...

Great posts Deborah, so much interesting information. Enjoy your break and then you can look forward to the Christmas break.Happy Holidays to you and you family.


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