Saturday, September 2, 2006


Being busy with school now means that I only have the weekends to get homesteading stuff done. Last weekend and this weekend, I am working on canning food from the garden. It's time consuming but wonderful. Last weekend, I canned seven quarts of peppers: jalapenos, banana peppers, mixed peppers, and a jalapeno relish with homegrown carrots and onions.

Today I canned seven pints of salsa and seven half-pints of hot pepper jelly.

Last weekend, I also made three loaves of soap and a batch of goat cheese. I need to make more of both this weekend. I am so happy that Monday is a holiday. I can certainly use these three days to catch up! We are getting a bumper crop of okra this year, so I'm hoping to can some pickled okra before the weekend is over. I also need to can more salsa and hot pepper marmalade, which is similar to the jelly, but it's chunkier.

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june in florida said...

Deborah just finished reading "Mom on Campus" and cant imagine where you get the time for canning, was even suprised you had posted on Oaks at all. Glad your doing well and i appreciate the time you can spare to post.


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