Monday, July 10, 2006

Baby picture!

Finally! Here is a picture of our newest, sweetest baby girl!

This is Odette's baby, born June 28. We've decided to name her after the ballet Giselle. Like her mama and her Grandma Dancy, she is the friendliest goat imaginable. She runs up to us whenever she sees us, and if we're holding her, she couldn't be happier. If we're out in the pasture, she even follows us sometimes instead of her mother -- not that we encourage such behavior, but it just shows you how friendly she is. She definitely got her grandma's personality!

I'm keeping busy with daily gardening chores, cheesemaking, cleaning (house and barn), and contemplating what to do with mean rabbits.


june in florida said...

Ty Deborah, she is so adorable. I think goats are the cutest baby animals.

Deborah said...

I agree! And this one is as cuddly as she is cute! My daughters think she might be too friendly. She is always leaving her mama when she hears our voices outside. Of course, when she comes up to us, we can't help but pick her up and cuddle for a bit.

june in florida said...

Deborah hope everything is ok. Your probably very busy.Hope your surviving the heat.Looking forward to your next post...7/23/06


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