Monday, May 29, 2006

Making mulch

Don't have the energy to type much tonight. We spent most of today mulching the smaller branches of the big hickory that went down in the storm last Wednesday. Temperature was in the 90s. Mike, his parents and Jonathan did the mulching, and I put the mulch in the various flower beds, which was more work than it sounds like. I imagine it would have been much more enjoyable if the temperature were about 20 degrees lower. They went through a pile that was six feet high, 15 feet wide by 20 feet wide!

After his parents left with the mulcher, another storm came through and knocked a few more branches out of trees. I wish we could afford a mulcher.

Never got around to making mozarella today, but we did make peppermint ice cream. This was just an ice cream kind of day.

More storms are in the forecast .... as well as lower temperatures, which are quite welcome!

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