Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day!

Today has been great so far -- and promises to get better. My husband is making homemade enchiladas for dinner. He fixed cheese blintzes for breakfast -- made with goat cheese, of course!

Earlier today, a family came by to pick up a goat that is to be a Mother's Day gift. Normally I don't like to sell goats as gifts-- how do you know that someone really wants a pet goat? But I know this one is going to a good home where it is wanted because this is a repeat customer.

I am making buttermilk almost every day lately. We've been eating buttermilk pancakes and buttermilk biscuits at least every other day. They are so good! Making buttermilk is easier than making yogurt, and I didn't think anything could be easier than yogurt.

The cheesecake in the picture was taken to a potluck yesterday. One woman said it was the best cheesecake she'd ever had, although it didn't taste like any cheesecake she'd ever had before. When I told her it was made with goat cheese, she paused with her fork in mid-air and then with even more surprise in her voice, she repeated, "This is really good!"

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june in florida said...

Yum,yum. I know Gnight girl will enjoy this post, she will probably be heading your way right behind me.


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