Sunday, May 7, 2006

Another new lamb!

I just love spring! There are babies, babies and more babies! Last night, when I went out to do chores, I walked down to the walnut grove to see if either of the last two pregnant ewes had lambed. I was quite a distance away when I saw that Majik had her head down as if she were eating, but there was something moving on the ground beneath her head. I felt a little burst of hope as I thought it looked like she was licking a lamb! As I got closer, my suspicions were confirmed when I saw a little black lamb covered with white spots! All of this year's lambs are out of our brown spotted ram, Teddy. We bred all the ewes to him because we wanted spots, and out of all the lambs so far, we've only had one solid colored lamb! I got close enough that I thought I saw testicles between his back legs, then a few minutes later, I saw him pee, which left no doubt in my mind that he was a ram. Like dogs, male sheep pee from the middle of their stomach, whereas with girls, the pee comes from under their tail.

Today is a gardening day. We are now two weeks past our final frost date, so it's time to get everything into the ground. In addition to gardening, we'll also have to move the bucks. We're using temporary fencing to move them around the pasture across the creek. And I'll keep checking the sheep pasture to see when Fee lambs!


june in florida said...

your pictures are wonderful, i so appreciate the way you can click on them and get a large clear picture, so what is the latest little bucks name?Any more coming and how are the turkey chicks?

Deborah said...

No more goat due until the end of June or early July. One sheep left to lamb. We're not naming the ram lambs this year because they're going to be lamb chops if no one buys them. We're still thinking about names for Scandal's bucklings. Glad you're enjoying the pictures!

Deborah said...

I forgot ... there is another goat due in May. It was a surprise. We didn't know she got bred, but she's getting an udder! Also, our la mancha doe is due around the first of June, so we'll still be seeing quite a few more kids around here for a while!


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