Saturday, February 4, 2006

"House" work

Today was a pretty lazy kind of day, except that I helped Mike tile the girls' bathroom. We started building our house in May 2004, and we moved into a very unfinished house that December. We have been living here and working on it ever since. The girls' bathroom is the last one of three to be finished. The toilet and sink were finally installed about a month ago, and today we put the tile around the bathtub. Well, we put tile around the tub until we were almost out of mortar and realized we were nine pieces of bullnose SHORT of being able to finish! So, tonight Mike and I are going out to dinner in Bloomington, then we'll go to Menards and get another bucket of mortar and nine more bullnose pieces of tile. We need to finish the tile tonight, so Mike can grout tomorrow, and the girls will have a working bathroom by Monday!

It's not really accurate to say that the girls' bathroom is the last one of three to be finished. The master bath isn't finished either, but we've been using it. We still need to tile around our tub also, but since we have a separate shower, we've been using that.

For those who think I've got all this stuff figured out, you'll love this story! Two days ago, I made goat milk soap, and for the first time, I used bourbon geranium essential oil and decided to color it with rose hip powder. I added a tablespoon of the rosehip powder, and it didn't look any different, so I added another tablespoon and another and another. Finally, I decided to call it quits, even though I didn't see a difference. Well, yesterday, it was looking pretty dark when I unmolded it, and today it's really dark speckled brown! Guess I should have stopped after the first tablespoon. It will be interesting to see how this soap sells!

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