Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our new canoe

We are now the proud owners of a canoe. Originally my husband's mom gave it to one of her other sons who wanted it for paddling along a river near their home in New York. But they decided it was too unstable and gave it to us. After all, we actually need some type of small watercraft and have killed three inflatable boats over the years. We gave up on the inflatable boats and have simply waded out into our pond when necessary. This means braving leaches and snapping turtles in the best of times. Sometimes this is even more unpleasant, however ... like when you need to fix the aerator in late fall when the water it close to freezing. Luckily my husband has survived such ordeals in the past, but it is not the kind of thing he ever wanted to repeat, so having a real canoe is quite exciting for us. Within the first day, we decided to take it out on the pond for a little spin.

Julia the American Guinea Hog was quite curious about the canoe and followed Mike all the way to the water's edge. She was probably wondering if she could eat it. Food is pretty much the only thing Julia seems to think about. I totally understand why people equate overeating with being a pig.

The goats were also quite curious about us being on the water.

And it was fun for me to see things from a different perspective, such as the back of our house

and the chicken house.

And we can pick mulberries that were previously inaccessible to us!

And of course, now we have a better way to access the aerator when it needs attention. And if another turkey tries to fly across the pond and fails, we'll be able to rescue her in style! I do agree with my brother-in-law though that it does provide a shaky ride. I don't think I'd be too excited to travel down a river in it, but it's perfect for our little pond!


Sharrie said...

Oh, good, mulberry pie. That is a treat I miss. Canoe looks like fun.

Spinners End Farm said...

Wow! I didn't realize how close the pond was to the back of your house! It looks like the piggies are looking for a ride.

Mary Ann said...

Congrats on the canoe... and I would have to say too, that the pond is mighty close to the back door!

Cappy said...

Have fun w/ the canoe! It's not as shaky if you kneel and lean your backend against the thwart instead of sitting. Kneeling lowers your center of gravity... :-)

Deborah Niemann said...

Thanks for the tip, Cappy! I will keep that in mind!


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