Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anne's triplets

Yesterday, I went to the little city to see the chiropractor and massage therapist. When the chiropractor asked me how I was doing, I said it would just be simpler to tell him what doesn't hurt -- my left wrist and elbow were feeling great. Every other muscle and joint in my body was in pain. He chuckled.

Anne's cream buck
Before leaving home, I told Jonathan that Anne would probably kid before I returned. The baby monitor was on in the house, and he had strict instructions to check on her regularly if he was running maple sap. At 1:10, my cell phone rang.

"The goat finally had a kid, and she's pushing out the second one now."

"Awesome! Well, you better keep catching and drying!"

"Where are you?"

"Bloomington," was all I needed to say. He knew that was at least an hour away, so it was all up to him. He's 20 now, and he's been watching and helping with goat births since he was 12, but he is not an animal person, so if someone else is available, he'd be perfectly happy to let someone else take care of everything when an animal is giving birth.

Anne's white doeling and buckling (and my knees)
Half an hour later, he called back to let us know that she'd given birth to three -- two bucks and a doe -- and the placenta parts were hanging out, so he figured she was done.

Like all the goats in the Sherri line (Anne's dam), these kids are super friendly. When I was taking pictures today, they all kept crawling into my lap and sniffing me. It is so hard not to keep them all. I really love white goats, and the little doe is white. Isn't she cute!


Mama Pea said...

You have some good back-up there on the farm in your kids and hubby. (I'm sure your massage therapist thought you had been beat up and run over by a semi!)

SkippyMom said...

Gee Deborah, we just have no idea why you would feel so poorly this week. [I kid! :)]

They are gorgeous and I would want to keep them all too. I wish we had the property I would buy one from you so you knew it had a good home.

And bravo! bravo! to your son. Nicely done!

Terri said...

You are very lucky to have some help. This can be such a busy and stressful time of year, and it's nice to have someone at home to take care of the animals.


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