Monday, August 30, 2010

Pearl and Hester

Pearl and Hester were born a year ago, and we finally have their video story available for you to see. They are the only premature goats we've ever had survive, so we were pretty excited about them. Pearl still lives here, and Hester was sold to a farm on the east coast. There was music before it was uploaded, but I've waited a year to get this video out, so I'm not going to ask my son to figure out what went wrong with the audio. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

To read the story of their birth, click here.


Haley said...

The video still doesn't work for me. When I try to make it play, it has that spinning logo thing for a long time and the picture is all wonky with a bunch of vertical lines. Of course, I'm about the least tech savvy person on the planet, so it could just be me...

Nancy K. said...

The video worked for me. How precious! I remember your post the day that they were born. It's a true testament to your and Katherine's dedication to your animals that they survived. Good Job!!!


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