Saturday, September 5, 2009

Contest: Only one doe left to kid this year

Giselle will be the last doe to kid this year, and she is due sometime in September. I don't know the exact due date because she was pen bred. So, the question is:
  • On what date will she kid? (It's okay to pick the same date as someone else.)
As a tie-breaker,
  • How many kids will she have?
And if there is still a tie
  • What genders will the kids be?

And the winner gets goat milk soap, of course, three bars in your choice of fragrances. We have no time to waste, so the deadline for entering is midnight central time Monday or when Giselle freshens, whichever comes first. The winner will be announced whenever Giselle decides to let us know who's right!

It wasn't easy getting a picture of her because she wouldn't stop eating, but I finally caught her in mid-munch. Of course, I can't blame her. It has to be exhausting walking around with such a big belly. I'm sure she needs all the calories she can eat!


SkippyMom said...

She looks ready to pop,poor girl!

I will say their birthday will be Sept. 8th

She will have 2 little girls.

[These contests are fun!]

DarlingAlana said...

I'm going to go with September 11th, it's my dad's bday. And I'll guess that she'll have 3 little ones. let's say two boys and one girl.

Anonymous said...

Poor Giselle.

Let's go with Sept. 14th, with Buck/Doe twins.

Whatever the date/number/gender, best of luck and hope they are born healthy!


P.S I love these contests!

Michelle said...

I'll go with Sept. 7, triplets, two girls and a boy. I love contests, too!

mary lou said...

ok i'll try sept.10th--triplets--2 girls-1 boy

Anonymous said...

Can I change my date to Sept. 10th, same info as before?


Deborah said...

No problem changing. If you have more than one guess, I'll go with the last one only.

Penny said...

She does look huge! My guess is 9/9/09 (my niece's b'day)and I will guess twins, a boy and a girl.

Gotta love contests!


Steph said...

Sept 12
3 kids

doctorjen said...

I love 9/9/09 for a birthday. I was hoping to catch a human baby on that date, but my only likely candidate birthed this morning instead - so I'll take it for your kids!

Triplets. Two does and a buck.

Judy @ daily yarns said...

I don't really know but I'll take a wild guess and say 9/10/09.

Nadine said...

This would be easier if you showed us a picture of her udder....

September 9 with 2 little boys.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope I don't jinx my doe by doing this ;-) Giselle is going to have triplets, three doelings on the 12th.
Debbie from Bloomington

Jules @ MoonCat Farms said...

These contests are a blast. I'm going to go with September 8th.

2 kids - 1 boy & 1 girl

Thanks & good luck to Giselle for healthy wee ones! Poor thing is looking pretty pudgy.

Deborah said...

The contest has ended. Giselle kidded this morning.

Michelle said...

WOOT! I'm the only one who guessed today; does that mean I won??? I would LOVE some of your goats' milk soap!!!


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