Friday, April 10, 2009

Communication internship available

Thanks to blogpal Jon for suggesting an intern. I had thought about it, but pushed the idea aside until he mentioned it. I also want to explore the possibility of gardening and animal husbandry internships, but it's going to take more time to write up those descriptions. If you know any college students looking for a summer internship in communication, please pass this along.

For the student interested in environmental journalism or public relations, this is an internship off the beaten path. We have an old-fashioned, 32-acre homestead in central Illinois where we grow our own food organically. We also sell goat milk soap, wool, llama roving, yarn, and animals for breeding, milk, or meat. We maintain three websites that are in need of updating, because the farm is shifting its focus from sales to education. To learn more about our communication needs (and us), visit: (needs complete redesign, new copy, new photos) (needs complete redesign, new copy, new photos, possibly re-integrate into (needs new copy and photos, some design work)

The perfect intern will:
  • Have completed at least two classes in media writing, PR, or journalism
  • Have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Adobe Illustrator, and PhotoShop
  • Be interested in organic living and sustainability
  • Be capable of working independently

What will you be doing?
If you don’t have a broad knowledge of sustainability, you might start by reading a couple of books and viewing some documentaries that we have available. By the end of the internship, you will have a good understanding of locavores, the green movement, sustainability, and organic foods. As stated above, you will be redesigning two websites, taking photographs, and writing copy, which you can add to your portfolio. You may also be helping with our online presence via search engine optimization, our blog,, Twitter posts, and our store on

Most of the internship can be completed via a Cybercommute, although the intern will need to spend several days on the farm initially to take notes and photographs. The internship is unpaid; however, there is a travel stipend available. A private bedroom and three homemade meals a day are provided while on the farm.

To apply, send an email to Deborah at antiquityoaks dot com with answers to the following questions:

Permanent address:
Courses taken in media writing, PR, or journalism:
Writing sample: Imagine you have been accepted for this internship. Write a press release for your local newspaper about why you applied for the position, what you are looking forward to learning, and anything else you think is important.

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Meg said...

This is a cool idea....I hope you find someone who will be good for the position! When my roommate was in college the first time around (before she decided to get into culinary management) this was her major and she would've **loved** this sort of internship!


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