Saturday, March 21, 2009

More classes added

In response to a number of requests, I've added a couple class times, so here is the schedule for April and May:

April 11
10 a.m. -- Soapmaking

April 25
9 a.m. -- Morning in the Life of a Dairymaid (cheesemaking)
1 p.m. -- Soapmaking

Sunday, May 31
2 p.m. -- Morning in the Life of a Dairymaid (cheesemaking)

The addition of the soapmaking class on April 25 is in response to people who wanted to take both classes. If you only want to take one of the classes on April 25, that's fine too. We'll have a potluck picnic lunch between the two classes for those people taking both classes. If you're only taking one class, you can come early or stay late if you'd like to join us for the lunch.

Once you decide to sign up for the class you can mail a check to Antiquity Oaks, P. O. Box 181, Cornell, IL 61319 or send payment via Paypal to deborah at antiquity oaks dot com. (Yes, that's an email address, which I wrote out in a probably-futile attempt to hide from spammers.) The soapmaking class is $24; cheesemaking is $15; and there's a discount if you take both classes at $35.

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