Monday, February 16, 2009

Who's next?

Four goats are due, and it's tough to figure out who is going to go next. Anne reached day 145 on Friday the 13th; Cleo, yesterday; and Lizzie, tomorrow. I'm not sure when Coco is due. She apparently got herself pregnant one of the many times that Tennessee Williams jumped the fence.

From top to bottom, the ladies in waiting are Coco, Lizzie, Anne, and Cleo. (Sorry about the quality of the photo; it's my cell phone. I can't find my camera.)

Coco has been the biggest pregnant goat, however, for at least three weeks. I thought she would kid around the time that Charlotte did, and my records indicated that Frankie had been loose five months prior to that. But she's still hanging in there, and goats -- at least Nigerian dwarf goats -- don't go more than 151 days, maybe 152, but you won't find any long-time breeders who would agree that they can go any longer than that. So, she definitely got herself pregnant during one of Tennessee's many jaunts into goat utopia. That's the problem with young bucks -- many of them seem to have wings on their feet, which makes flying seem as natural to them as walking. Clearing a four-foot fence requires little effort.

Back to Coco -- she's big, and I'm worried. She was one of quads herself, and her sire's dam frequently had quads and ultimately had six kids one year, which resulted in her death. She gave birth to five kids, and who would have thought she was not finished? Five is incredibly rare. When she died a few days later, a necropsy showed another kid still inside her. Margaret doesn't think Coco is any bigger than Sherri was, and she only had triplets.

Cleo's udder has grown considerably today, which would indicate she's getting quite close. Her ligaments are also softer than anyone else's, so she might kid first. I'm guessing that Lizzie, Cleo, and Anne will all have twins -- and Coco, well -- I'm hoping no more than quads. Triplets would be great.


Nancy K. said...

I hope that they all have easy labors and healthy kids!

Claire said...

How exciting! Here's hoping for lots of healthy, happy kids in short order! (and while I'm at it, here's hoping I get the same from Stuffin. Any day now would be just fine!)

Deborah said...

Thanks, ladies! And good luck, Claire!

Mom L said...

Ahhh, I sit here in my suburban apt. just waiting for more baby goats to arrive! I've been watching for Claire's Stuffin to produce, and I'm extending my good wishes to all of your ladies, Deborah!

tonya fedders said...

Hey Deborah, I hope that all is going well with your goats and that the kids are here, healthy and strong!


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