Sunday, February 22, 2009

Anne's kids

Hello all! This is Margaret, Deborah's eldest, filling in while she is away on her birthday weekend.

Well, we had a bit of a surprise on Friday. I checked Anne's ligaments in the morning before I went to work and thought they were there, though I did notice her udder had bagged up a bit. Later that afternoon Mom called me.

"Did you check Anne's ligaments this morning?"

"Yep. They were there."



"Would you bet money on that?"


"Why not?"

"Because of the way you're saying that."

"But you said you were sure."

"Well, now I'm not."

Turns out Anne must have given birth around three o'clock that afternoon. Jonathan, my brother, was the one that found them at about five, and they were almost dry. So she did a good job on her own, at least. First birth we've missed this year. She had twin bucks that are well matched!


Nancy K. said...

All's well that ends well!

What adorable kids! It must be a "boy" year...

Thanks for the update, Margaret!

Nancy K. said...


Corinne R. said...

Oh, so cute!
Good job filling in BTW :).

Sharrie said...

Wow! They are a real good looking pair.

Happy Birthday to Deborah!

Deborah said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and the compliments on the kids!


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