Thursday, July 6, 2006

Wonderfully busy

Sorry I didn't get those pictures posted! I've been wonderfully busy. Yesterday, I don't think I hardly sat down at all. I worked on cleaning out the barn, which (like house cleaning) is a never-ending task. I think it gets dirtier faster than the house though!

We did well at the show this past weekend. Our senior doe, Scandal, won grand champion in both rings, and our buck, John Adams, won grand in both rings. Our junior does, however, were almost always at the end of the line-up (meaning last places).

Now, there must be something wrong with Blogger, because I've tried five or six different pictures and different ways to post pictures, and it's not letting me do it! Grrr ... will try again later!

1 comment:

june in florida said...

Congrats to you and the winners . Dissapointed about the pictures but i know you get them up when you can and dont forget the new baby. ty


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