Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Final lambing of the season

Fee finally lambed. Margaret and I noticed it this afternoon just as a storm was rolling in. Of course, we wouldn't let a little storm stop us from finding out if she'd had a ram or a ewe, so we headed out to the far pasture -- and yes, it is the farthest pasture from the house -- with dark skies and thunder in the distance. The little lamb was old enough that it was rather spunky, so we couldn't get very close, and it would run away with its mother. Then the sky opened up and we ran under a giant oak tree for shelter. I always used to think it was "so Hollywood" for people to run under a tree when it was raining, but to my surprise, it actually kept us 95% dry! At one point, the rain was really pouring down, but we stayed very close to the tree trunk, and we only got a few drops on us now and then.

When the rain finally stopped, we continued stalking the little lamb for about 10 minutes, but when the sky started to look threatening again, I told Margaret I was headed to the house! Between the barn and the house, I saw two turkey hens attacking one of the goslings, so I ran to the chicken house to rescue it, and just as I turned towards the house again, the rain began to pour. Yes, Margaret was still out in the far pasture trying to catch that little lamb to determine if it was a he or a she!

About 20 minutes later, Margaret came inside to give us the news that it was a ewe lamb! Sorry we don't have any pictures yes. The weather has not been cooperating. It is pure white, so it looks a lot like the little ewe lamb that was born a month ago to Fee's daughter. We are beginning to wonder if any ewe in this line can throw anything other than a white ewe!

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