Friday, March 24, 2006


I can't believe how busy we've been, and it's not even noon! The phone rang at 7:30. It was the post office, informing us that our goslings had arrived, so Mike jumped in the car to pick them up, while Katherine prepared a brooder for them. Calling it a brooder sounds much more high tech than it really is. It's just a horse trough that was retired because it started leaking. Katherine put a waterer in there, as well as a crock for feed, and she hung a heat lamp on one end, so the goslings can stay warm. The good news is that all nine goslings survived their trip from New Mexico, and none seem the worse for wear.

After breakfast and regular chores, it was time to get the sheep rounded up for the shearer, who is coming this afternoon around 3:30. That ordeal took two hours! These are the types of days I suppose most people assume that we have regularly, and they wonder why anyone would ever want to live such a life. These are the types of days that elicit comments such as, "It takes so much discipline to live a life like that!" It really takes no discipline at all. It's just common sense. The sheep must be sheared, so we have to catch them all for the shearer. What else would we do? When something has to be done, we just do it. If we didn't want to do it, then we wouldn't be living out here.

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